hi my name is ella and i love pandas ;; chicken is my favourite food i'm sixteen i'm from australia i like cats better than dogs and i like coffee and milk tea and i like thinking about running but not actually running i'm just here to cry over u-kiss!!!!
jun drinking unhappiness in a cup - ft. his ~true~ thoughts

221/666 gifs of Soohyun.

221/666 gifs of Soohyun.

Make me choose:
dorky Eli or charismatic Eli
(requested by arosekisses)


Adorable Soohyun eating his hamburguer ><

319/∞ gifs of Kevin Woo

319/ gifs of Kevin Woo


Hoon’s Ice Bucket Challenge (with Jun’s help)!

Kim Jaeseop the rice master…



(Elseop ver. Irresistable Lips) I stole those lips, I had to~ 

Just an ordinary family photo of U-KISS.


Happy 6th Anniversary to the best boy band in the world! It’s been 6 years but these guys are still amazing in their own ways, even though somebody left (or had to leave), there are still new ones who came and made our lives amazing. "U-KISS will never shrink but it will always continue to grow" - indeed Soohyun was right. I am happy that they’re still fighting and that I’ve seen them grow as a peson, every each one of them. There are struggles, a lot of struggles, but they didn’t give up but instead, kept on doing their best to prove that they can overcome these struggles. Tbh, I no longer care (even them I think) whether they win no.1 or not because for me, they’ve already proven a lot and it’s already automatic to see them as a very successful group, and I know that this title is no longer that important because what’s more important is the joy that they’re bringing to their fans and the joy that they’re feeling because of their love for their music and fans. If every they win no.1, congrats! They deserve it and it’s a bonus ~ ;) They’re the best and humblest group ever to grace on Earth.I LOVE U-KISS SO MUCH AND I WILL FOREVER SUPPORT AND LOVE THEM. IT IS NEVER ENDING. Happy OT10 ♥<

16 /  pops in seoul moments
xander asks eli to show an example of how he treats a girl
though he couldn’t properly demonstrate in the end