hi my name is ella and i love pandas ;; chicken is my favourite food i'm sixteen i'm from australia i like cats better than dogs and i like coffee and milk tea and i like thinking about running but not actually running i'm just here to cry over u-kiss!!!!


Kiseop’s cute pun (‘yuki’ means ‘snow’)~ 

UKISS feat. their endless nonsensical shenanigans. 

Eli… what are you doing? (*≧艸≦)


Eli… what are you doing? (*≧艸≦)

Favorite U Kiss Moments 1/10: Soohyun Idol League

9/∞ edits of Ellison Kim ; 2/∞  3D UKISS edits

9/ edits of Ellison Kim ; 2/  3D UKISS edits

Anonymous: your not even korean or asian so why the hell do you care so much about something that doesnt affect you


To answer your question; it is because there are people who are dying in an absolutely horrible way and there is nothing that can be done to ease their suffering or help them and it is heartbreaking to even think that there are kids in that ferry who are my age. Who think similarly to me, who like the same things as I do, that are thinking about their futures just like I am. Chances are these people are never going to graduate highschool and go to University, get married or have children. 

I thought one of my closest friends was on that ferry and there are no words to describe how worried I was for her. Thank God she wasn’t, though now I can only imagine how it must be for the people waiting for news about their loved ones.

You don’t need to be Korean or even Asian to feel sadness or empathy towards a terrible situation like this so sit the hell down. I felt this way about the Boston bombings, I felt this way about the typhoon in the Philippines and Japan and I am absolutely feeling it for the people of Korea. 

ALEXANDER’s HORROR STORY. it really made me shiver when i first heard this. O.O


soohyun made me choose: stop girl or standing still